“I want to become a nurse! I want to become a wife who befits you.”

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raising-hands asked: I Love your Page. *ooooooooooooooooooooo* Yeah No Ask. :DD I Just want to say how cool is it. ♥ - Peace and out. :3

Thank you! ♥

Sunday Dec 12 @ 04:05pm

Anonymous asked: does do playful kiss has part 2? please answer *u*

By part 2 do you meant Season 2? Nope there’s no Season 2 for Playful Kiss. Besides the 7 special edition episodes which was released on youtube basically wrap up the whole story

Sunday Dec 12 @ 04:04pm

Anonymous asked: Do you guys know, if there is more than 16 episodes? My friend said there where 25 episodes, but I don't know if it is true :-)

The no of episodes is 16, + 7 (Special Edition in Youtube after the 16-episodes). You can find the Special Edition here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss/featured :)

Wednesday May 5 @ 04:34pm

Anonymous asked: what is the favorite food of kim hyun joong ?

I know that he likes to eat Ramen noodles. But as for his favorite foods, I found out (research through websites) that he loves gopchang (intestine of pork), chicken feet, pig head meat, he likes to drink soju with Kimchi as well. He probably have other fav foods too….

Wednesday May 5 @ 04:30pm

Anonymous asked: who are the cast of playfull kiss ??

The few of the Main cast are:

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:43pm

themaltshop asked: Do you know if Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are dating in real life??

I believe they are not dating in real life.

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:53pm

riovacio asked: OMG! this is the best tumblog ever! I love this Korean Drama.

Thank you!

Monday Apr 4 @ 06:42pm

Anonymous asked: WIll there be second season of playful kiss?

I don’t think there will be a second season of Playful Kiss. There’s a Special Edition after the 16-episodes drama at their official Youtube Channel though. http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss/featured :)

Monday Apr 4 @ 06:37pm

darkblue-bbg-deactivated2012071 asked: what phone does the main guy use in playful kiss?~! help!

I’m not sure, but probably it’s Anycall Nori F.

Monday Apr 4 @ 06:27pm

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readmydiariesBtw could you post quotes of playfull kiss? 

  • I will try. 

readmydiariesHi i’m from indonesia. And i like playfull kiss, because the story teach us about that love is complete each other. So, i love ur tumblr. Keep posting yea^

  • I accidentally deleted my Playful kiss folder. Screen Caps, Gifs, Videos and everything so it will be hard for me to post stuffs but I’ll try. 

jazzrazmatazIs there gonna be a playful kiss season 2?

  • Nope.

ovecollideusDid you watched the Part 2 of Playful Kiss? :)

  • There is no Part 2 but if you’re pertaining to the Special Episodes.. yeah I did. 

fvck-offis korea make other series about playfull kiss?

  • Nope.

anon: Do you know what kind of camera did Baek Seung Jo’s mom used? :)

  • That I’m not so sure.

anon: I love your blog :) do you know what kind of phone Oh Ha Ni had in the Special Edition episodes? thanks<3

  • Thanks. memory fail. I can’t remember.

anon: do you know why the ratings were low? i just finished watching it and it was better than i expected! :D

  • Many factors. It’s sad that a nice drama isn’t that successful

anon: where did you get the background image? It’s so cute :3 Is there a complete version of the comic strips like that?

  • It’s a screen cap from the drama. 

chrisheronerd:  Hmm, I’ve read about the question about part 2 that someone ask, but hmm, I wish there was a part 2, but yeah, I also heard the rating was low, but why was it so low? I mean, it was different, and didn’t everyone want a different ending, like no one died, they were both happy, esp the guy, and like all? I mean, it was perfect and the two main lead roles fit their roles so amazing that we PK fans wouldn’t have thought of anyone else, right?

  • Yes. I believe it was aired in a wrong time. Same time slot as  Baker King which eats up 50% of the viewers and  Gumiho which has more experienced lead stars

rachel51196may part 2 po ba ung playful kiss kc ang ganda po eh

  • There’s none.

noonegoeshere Hi. I just want to ask if why is it that the diary section you have on this blog, are not on the series.? (EPdrama) the diary that they have on EPdrama is for the special episodes.

  • Well, you can find the diary for the TV episodes on their website. Both are legit though they are just fanmade. 

noonegoeshereOMG. I frrikin love this series. I was like “OMG OMG OMG OMG” whenever i watch it. wow. good thing you have this blog! Im hoping for Part 2 of this (playful kiss)~ Omg. where did you get your background? ♥

  • Thanks! It’s from the drama.

sheena: me and my bestfriend really love it .. i always watch it everday .. i’ve watched it a million times already and i can’t help myself .. it’s just that kim hyun joong’s there .. hahah ..!! im so adik to him .. so please give me ur phone number kim hyun juoong and i promise i will not share it to others .. please just give me ur phone number .. i beg you ..

  • unfortunately, i’m just a fan like you. 

mekiz:  Are you planning to have a season 2 of playful kiss? because it is a very wonderful story made by best actors and actresses that really fits the personality of the characters… Wish you haven’t stop posting “playful kiss youtube version”…

  • No season 2. Ouch. I accidentally deleted the videos but I’ll try. I’m just too busy to be on tumblr. 

robstenblackjackI couldn’t find any Playful Kiss special episodes with English Subtitles.. do you know any? Thanks ;) 

  • Go to the Playful Kiss official youtube account and turn on the CC. 

Thursday Sep 9 @ 08:01am

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