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Kim Hyun-Joong on the set of Playful Kiss

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Yes, I think it’s true.


Yes, I think it’s true.

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“I want to become a nurse! I want to become a wife who befits you.”

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raising-hands said: I Love your Page. *ooooooooooooooooooooo* Yeah No Ask. :DD I Just want to say how cool is it. ♥ - Peace and out. :3

Thank you! ♥

Sunday Dec 12 @ 04:05pm

Anonymous said: does do playful kiss has part 2? please answer *u*

By part 2 do you meant Season 2? Nope there’s no Season 2 for Playful Kiss. Besides the 7 special edition episodes which was released on youtube basically wrap up the whole story

Sunday Dec 12 @ 04:04pm

Anonymous said: Do you guys know, if there is more than 16 episodes? My friend said there where 25 episodes, but I don't know if it is true :-)

The no of episodes is 16, + 7 (Special Edition in Youtube after the 16-episodes). You can find the Special Edition here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss/featured :)

Wednesday May 5 @ 04:34pm

Anonymous said: what is the favorite food of kim hyun joong ?

I know that he likes to eat Ramen noodles. But as for his favorite foods, I found out (research through websites) that he loves gopchang (intestine of pork), chicken feet, pig head meat, he likes to drink soju with Kimchi as well. He probably have other fav foods too….

Wednesday May 5 @ 04:30pm

Anonymous said: who are the cast of playfull kiss ??

The few of the Main cast are:

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:43pm

themaltshop said: Do you know if Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are dating in real life??

I believe they are not dating in real life.

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:53pm

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